Thursday, 24 September 2015

optimist yachting

In class we have been doing lots of stuff on optimist yachting but
unfortunately are optimist yachting was cancelled and we might be going sometime in term 4

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

optimist yachting conversation

optimist yachting conversation
mrs burns

Violet : “ zoe do you want to go with me ? ‘’

Zoe : ‘’ok that sounds cool “

Isabella ; “ Zoe ,Violet Can i go with you there is nobody else ‘’

Zoe : “I will ask the teacher”

Zoe : Mrs Burns can isabella come in our yacht because isabella
has nobody else to go with

Mrs Burns : “ that's sounds allright “

Isabella : “ thanks Mrs Burns

Violet : “ keira who are you going with ?”

Keira : Mia

Mia ; ‘’ Violet do you Zoe and Isabella want to sail your yacht next to ours “

Violet : “ yes that will be awesome !”

Mia : “ cool ! “

Violet Zoe and Isabella Hop into their yacht And keira and Mia hop into their yacht

Zoe : “ this is awesome !’’

Isabella :’’ lets race them ‘’

Zoe /Violet : “ No we just want to do are own things “

isabella pushes zoe and violet off the yacht

Keira : “Mia Isabella pushed zoe and violet off the boat”

Mia : “that's not good”

Mia and keira jump out of their boat and tried to find Violet and Zoe

keira: ‘’we should tell Mrs Burns “

Mia : “Mrs Burns  Isabella pushed Zoe and Violet overboard

Mrs Burns : “ Oh this is serious isabella is in trouble “.

keira : “ oh i can see zoe and violet “ .

keira and mia saved zoe and violet

violet / zoe : “ thanks for saving us “ .

keira / mia : “ that's ok “

keira : I think that next time isabella
needs to go with somebody else


optimist yachting Quick write

“Ahhhhhh”, I screamed as the big wave was coming
towards me . I dipped my hand in the  water and I felt the
vibrations of the waves coming from deep below.
“ I’m so scared “ I yelled to my buddy in the boat next to me. I’m scared too “ replied my buddy .
I wondered if we were going to come out alive , as I heard the waves crashing against the  rocks.
A gust of wind changed my direction and I sailed gathering speed towards the shore.
‘ that  felt like forever “ i said to myself as I drifted into the sand.

The End

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