Wednesday, 23 September 2015

optimist yachting conversation

optimist yachting conversation
mrs burns

Violet : “ zoe do you want to go with me ? ‘’

Zoe : ‘’ok that sounds cool “

Isabella ; “ Zoe ,Violet Can i go with you there is nobody else ‘’

Zoe : “I will ask the teacher”

Zoe : Mrs Burns can isabella come in our yacht because isabella
has nobody else to go with

Mrs Burns : “ that's sounds allright “

Isabella : “ thanks Mrs Burns

Violet : “ keira who are you going with ?”

Keira : Mia

Mia ; ‘’ Violet do you Zoe and Isabella want to sail your yacht next to ours “

Violet : “ yes that will be awesome !”

Mia : “ cool ! “

Violet Zoe and Isabella Hop into their yacht And keira and Mia hop into their yacht

Zoe : “ this is awesome !’’

Isabella :’’ lets race them ‘’

Zoe /Violet : “ No we just want to do are own things “

isabella pushes zoe and violet off the yacht

Keira : “Mia Isabella pushed zoe and violet off the boat”

Mia : “that's not good”

Mia and keira jump out of their boat and tried to find Violet and Zoe

keira: ‘’we should tell Mrs Burns “

Mia : “Mrs Burns  Isabella pushed Zoe and Violet overboard

Mrs Burns : “ Oh this is serious isabella is in trouble “.

keira : “ oh i can see zoe and violet “ .

keira and mia saved zoe and violet

violet / zoe : “ thanks for saving us “ .

keira / mia : “ that's ok “

keira : I think that next time isabella
needs to go with somebody else


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